The Republican Endorsed Candidate for  CD 2

Tayler Rahm

Tayler Rahm is the endorsed candidate to win back the congressional seat currently held by Angie Craig.  This election will be one of the most contested contests in the country in 2024 and it is critically important that we win it.  Here are some key points -

Minnesota knows what it is like to live with a Democrat controlled government and we can't let it happen at the national level.
We have a catastrophic situation with illegal immigration and it needs to stop.
Our national debt and the continuing deficit spending will bankrupt our country.
We need to increase oil and gas production and regain energy independence. 

You need to learn more about Tayler and help us win this election. 

          Visit his website
          Read his answers to detailed questions about issues
          You can volunteer and you can donate - we need to win this election!