Five School Districts are holding elections for board members and House District 52B is holding a special election to fill a vacancy.  These are important elections that will have a significant impact on your community.  Find your district on the list below and click the link to get more information on how and when you can voteAnd please vote!

The House District 52B seat is vacant and will be filled by a special election.  The HD52B Republicans have endorsed Cynthia Lonnquist.  You can visit her website here.

ISD 196 will elect four board members.  There are four Republican recommended candidates - Look here.

ISD 197 will elect four board members and has two bond referendums on the ballot.  Election information here.

There are five openings on  the ISD 199 Board election.  Election information is here.  There is a Republican recommended candidate - look here.

ISD 200 will elect four school board members.  Election information is here.

ISD 833 will elect three school board members.  There are three Republican recommended candidates - look here. Election information is here.