Republican Candidates in Congressional District 2

The endorsed Republican candidates for CD2 are below listed by BPOU. 

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Congressional District 2
United States House of Representatives
Tyler Kistner

State Senate District
House District A Side
House District B Side
Rice County
Rice County GOP
District 19A
Brian Daniels (I)
Goodhue County
Goodhue Cnty GOP
District 20
Steve Draskowski
District 20A
Pam Altendorf
Le Sueur County
Le Sueur Cnty GOP
District 22
Rich Draheim (I)
District 22B
Brian Pfarr (I)
Senate District 41
SD41 Republicans
District 41
Tom Dippel
District 41A
Mark Wiens
District 41B
Shane Hudella
Senate District 47
SD 47 Republicans
District 47
Dwight Dorau
District 47B
Kelly Fenton
Senate District 52
SD52 Republicans
District 52
Stephen Lowell
District 52A
Fern Smith
District 52B
Cynthia Lonnquist
Senate District 53
SD53 Republicans
District 53
Chris Rausch
District 53A
Todd Kruse
District 53B
Steve Swoboda
Scott County
Scott County GOP
District 54
Eric Pratt (I)
District 54A
Erik Mortensen
District 54B
Ben Bakeberg
Senate District 55
SD55 Republicans
District 55
Pam Myhra
District 55A
Gabriela Kroetch
District 55B
Van Holston
Senate District 56
SD56 Republicans
District 56
Jim Bean
District 56A
Joe Landru
District 56B
Joe Scanlon
Senate District 57
SD57 Republicans
District 57A
Jon Koznick (I)
District 57B
Jeff Witte
Rice, Scott and Goodhue Counties
District 58
Bill Lieske
District 58A
Gary Bruggenthies
District 58B
Pat Garofalo (I)
Senate District 65
SD65 Republicans
District 65
Paul Holmgren
District 65B
Kevin Fjelsted